This is just a page with all of my thoughts that sidetrack me while I'm supposed to be doing something productive.... So ya. Basically Newsies, God, books, Princess Bride, pigs, Harry Potter, the homework I should be doing, waffles, the newest hat I got the story I'm writing,.... so basically anything.
  •         Newsies: This is, personally, the best musical out there. You all should watch it, but be warned..... it's almost 2 hours long, so make sure you've got the time! I'm also writing a fan fiction about it, so I might post parts of it.
  •          God: Well, I'm a Christian and I love God with all my heart so I'll probably post Bible verses and some deep (and not so deep) theological thoughts.
  •          Books: I love reading and will write about all of the amazing and boring books that I'm reading.

  •          Everything Else: Pretty much anything else that pops into my mind!